I'm Alec Einhorn, owner and operator of Einhorn Homes

With 10 years of real estate experience, I helped build and grow homeownership and wealth. It is my mission to provide individuals and investors to gain financial freedom and strategize within the real estate market.

Born & Raised in AZ

Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ

Chaparral High School

Scottsdale, AZ

My Thoughts on Real Estate


From the beginning of my childhood I always had a strong passion for the community and entrepreneurs. I focus on rentals by owner, giving the consumer a discount over an apartment but, better yet, contributing to our community. 


It’s no secret that I am a very social guy. I always love a good get together but, more importantly a place I can call home. Purchasing a home is everything from a great investment to creating a family.


Dealing with contractors in and out of your home creates a construction zone, not a home. 99.9% of the time, we can find you a house that fits your wants and if not, we’ll make it happen, no matter what it takes.


If you are young, invest for your retirement. If you are old, invest for your grandchildren. Either way, no matter what the world becomes, real estate will always be the best and safest investment.


Many people don’t know of any loan assistance programs out there. There is a program if you make under 60k, 70k, and 120k. For investors there is many ways to right off properties through tax entities.


Commercial is all about connections. If you have a business, or a connection to be made, it’s definitely worth a chat. You’re in luck, you are now talking with an Arizona native and a business owner since 2010.

"Love where you live."

-Alec Einhorn-